What the Spring said

Hello! It’s been a minute! Apologies. I’ve been a bit busy, is the thing – which isn’t the worst thing. First off, I had my LA theatrical debut, which was totally cool and new and completely different from NYC. It was a storytelling evening with the Jewish Women’s Theater, a series of monologues exploring the […]

The French Play…

Tartuffe was not the Scottish play, but it may as well have been. Throughout Flux’s co-production with Lafayette College, we had two power outages, one lead actor’s concussion, a storm that brought a building down, and, last but not least, an actual plague that closed down the school and canceled our entire run. We opened in […]

Fluxing in PA

I just got back from the hotel gym where I lifted weights for the first time in… never, so I did two sets of 20 5-pound curls and now I can’t lift my arms. Hi! Checking in. I am in sunny, warm (neither) Pennsylvania with Flux Theatre Ensemble for six weeks, where we are teaching […]

Is it a Unicorn? No! It’s a blog post!

Hello folks! Apologies for the radio silence on this frequency. A few things have happened since we last spoke on this front – Once Upon A Bride, There Was a Forest, Salvage, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, Little Boots – No Pressure, The Ramble, and, of course, Producing Juliet and Anyone But Me: The Lost Scenes. Along […]