Fluxing in PA

I just got back from the hotel gym where I lifted weights for the first time in… never, so I did two sets of 20 5-pound curls and now I can’t lift my arms.

Hi! Checking in. I am in sunny, warm (neither) Pennsylvania with Flux Theatre Ensemble for six weeks, where we are teaching a course in devised theater and co-producing Tartuffe with Lafayette College. I’m super optimistic (I know, it feels weird for me, too) about how this is all going to fly. The students are really talented and game, so I think it’s gonna be a great time working with them as an actor, coach, and instructor. It’s also my first time since…I think 2012 working on a verse play and my first time ever working on Moliere, so I’m stoked to bulk up my classical theater muscles (hopefully, it’ll go better than my recent gym experience).

Last month I was lucky enough to work with Mark Valdez and Mixed Blood Theater on an LA workshop of DJ Latinidad, an immersive exploration of what it means to be Latin@ today. It was hugely fun and creative, and I encourage anyone in the Minneapolis area in March to check it out. I’m continuing my work on The Ramble, my podcast with WebVee Guide, and I have to say it’s been inspiring and galvanizing getting to talk to these online storytellers and hearing about the wildly differing paths they’ve followed to get to where they are today. You should have a listen 🙂

While you do that, I’ll be here, downing Advil and frantically looking for a chiropractor.