Is it a Unicorn? No! It’s a blog post!

Hello folks! Apologies for the radio silence on this frequency. A few things have happened since we last spoke on this front – Once Upon A Bride, There Was a Forest, Salvage, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, Little Boots – No Pressure, The Ramble, and, of course, Producing Juliet and Anyone But Me: The Lost Scenes. Along the way, there were a few weddings, a few readings, a few adventures, and one enormous shift to the other side of the country.

I moved to LA with my wonderful fella, Ned Thorne, and, I won’t lie, it’s been an adjustment. The Day-Star, for instance? Much more present here. I wear sunscreen on the regular and sunglasses far more frequently than this brown eyed girl ever anticipated. I am also still working to understand that, out here, eye contact is not something to be avoided and that someone smiling at you on the street is not a signifier of severe mental pathology. And, I can now say (with quite a bit of gratitude) that there is nothing quite like being able to wear a tank top in January.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been working to establish FluxWest, studying at The Annie Grindlay Studio, meeting with some wonderful new folks (Critical Mass and Mark Valdez, among others), catching up with web-friends and fellow New York ex-pats, and looking forward to the next step in this particular adventure.

I hope to be, like, at least 7% better at sharing it with y’all – if not 10%, but let’s definitely not hold our breath for anything above 15%.