What the Spring said

Hello! It’s been a minute! Apologies. I’ve been a bit busy, is the thing – which isn’t the worst thing.

First off, I had my LA theatrical debut, which was totally cool and new and completely different from NYC. It was a storytelling evening with the Jewish Women’s Theater, a series of monologues exploring the Jewish-Latin@ experience. It was really fulfilling getting to explore immigrant and first-gen multi-cultural stories and seeing how beautifully specific and also how universal those experiences can be. I got to read truly inspiring piecess from Pulitzer Prize winner Sonia Nazario, the brilliant Ivonne Saed, and the hilarious Yosely Tannenbaum. Not only were the monologues themselves a blast to perform, but the venues… let me explain…

There is a thing called salon theater, which, I was under the impression, had died out a couple of hundred years ago. The gist of it is that patrons of the arts open up their homes and invite theater troupes (hi ya!) in to perform for the community. This obviously doesn’t happen in NYC due to a lack of both space and faith in humanity, but it turns out those restrictions are lifted here. And, I’m not gonna lie, the parlor rooms in Brentwood are not always smaller than the indie theaters in New York. I also got to work with some lovely folks both on and offstage, so wins all around.

I also hopped back over to the East Coast for a sec and did a reading of a lovely play called “Her Own Devices” by Lindsay Adams. It was the winner of the Judith Barlow Prize, which celebrates one-acts inspired by historic women’s plays, and it was read at the Women’s Project Theater. If you were a bit farther flung and couldn’t attend, no worries, you can watch it on Howlround right here! And speaking of women kicking ass, I also got to team up with a bunch of repeat collaborators – Kitty Lindsay, Susan Louise O’Connor, Julie Ann Emery, some chick named Tina Cesa Ward, and new friend Abby Miller – as part of Kitty’s Feminist AF reading, in Tina’s new series, “All Those Women.” Tons of talent – not a humble brag, just a regular one – that I was super proud to be a part of.

I’ve also been stuttering and fan-girling my way through my podcast, The Ramble, and at the end of June, I got to cover the YouTuber convention, VidCon, for WebVee Guide. There were between twenty- and thirty-thousand people there; it was nuts. I’m not super plugged into the YouTuber scene, but listening to these creators talk and feeling the enthusiasm coming in waves from the fans was inspiring and galvanizing.

In non-performance based news, the book I helped research, Sebastian Junger’s Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging. hit bookshelves in late May to great acclaim and Amazon’s Best Sellers List. The book examines the toxic disconnect of modern society. Having spent upwards of year fact-finding and fact-checking, I can tell you this stuff is crazy interesting and the guy can write. Have a look when you can.

So, that does it for me. I gotta go scarf down some hot dogs and hamburgers and listen to the Hamilton soundtrack. Happy 4th of July, everyone!